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Placement, Rockhampton Regional Library Sept/Oct 2012 January 3, 2013

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I undertook a fantastic range of activities while on placement. and was supported by fantastic staff in my learning. Key activities included:

Shelving Support

Each day I spent time in the non-fiction section of the Library, re-shelving returns and tidying/pulling forward books. All staff spent a part of their day on this activity.  Library Assistants spent more time than the qualified Librarians on this activity. This was a great time for thinking about the day, and to get a real understanding of this seemingly “never ending” task in a library of this size.

Reference Project

I was given the task of reviewing the Library Reference area of the collection.  This was an independent task and I enjoyed applying the principles learnt in ETL503 Resourcing the Curriculum in making recommendations for culling/disposal.  One of the issues facing this area of the collection was a lack of use by clients along with age of resources.

Kids Holiday Program – Wimpy Kid Olympics

I absolutely loved this part of my placement!  I was involved initially in helping to set up the program, and then was given the responsibility of running this solo as the designated staff member was needed at another Library for one of the program days.  We had a great roll up of children for the activities (36 on one day), with some of these coming from my school. 

TechnoTots Program

The TechnoTots Program sounded great, unfortunately there were no attendees on the day I was assisting with it.  I did, however, get to do up the program for the following weeks activities.

Shelf Signage Project

This was another independent task I was given during my placement.  The library collection was moved approximately three years ago to a new building.  This is a beautiful venue with lots of open space, but quite sadly, designed by architects and not librarians!  As a result, shelves are arranged in an architecturally aesthetic manner, but it is like a maze to work in order through the sections of the library.  I prepared and presented a proposal to library management with recommendations on reorganising the main area of the library, including floor plan/shelf position proposals.

Home Delivery

The library offers a home delivery service to users unable to attend and borrow in person.  This is a free service that I had no idea existed until my placement.  I was able to spend time helping with organising books for borrowers and then to go out in the car and do a morning delivery/pick up service to one of the nursing homes in Rockhampton.  This was one of the most memorable elements of my placement as it really struck home the way the Library was meeting the needs of their users – and more importantly, how valuable this service was to the people using it.  I can see linkages to my own role at school with this service.  When students are on extended leave from school for a variety of reasons we send home work, but we don’t send home library books.  Something to change from 2013!

Overview/Support of COIN Academy

COIN is a project that provides basic computer skills training to members of the Library.  I was given a very comprehensive overview of the program and, while I didn’t get to assist with any formal courses, was able to support users on an ad-hoc basis with MS-Word and email needs.  I was really impressed with the range of users that access this service.

Overview/Support – Other Areas

I was also able to spend time in Cataloguing, the Local History Collection, preparing displays and setting up rooms for events, assisting on the Circulation Desk, and supporting returns in the Toy Library.  This was a great overview of what was on offer and a chance to network with some very competent staff in the process.  The processing area for new books provided me with new knowledge and during Term 4 I have used this at school to completely change the product range we use to process our new books. 


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