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Assig 2b – Subject access: classification January 3, 2013

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This assignment involved using DDC23/WebDewey in conjunction with section 3, Classification in SCIS standards for cataloguing and data entry to create SCIS standard classification numbers for 10 items.  Again, a great deal of lead up work on this one in practice exercises and activities, huge activity in the online forums, and I think, for a lot of us, a desire never to have to purchase and classify any items relating to Italian vioin music of the seventeenth century or collections of Russian speeches from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century (translated into English)!



1 – 3/3.5 (Italian violin music…)

2 – 3.5/3.5 (hedge growing in Kent…)

3 – 1/3.5 (annotated bibliography of historical novels for children…

4 – 3/3.5 (journal – Indonesia/Australia…)

5 – 2.5/3.5 (biography of George Speight…)

6 – 2.5/3.5 (famous Russian speeches…)

7 – 1.75/3.5 (ecology of coastal sand dune birds…)

8 – 3.5/3.5 (readers for ESL primary…)

9 – 1/3.5 (film based on NZ play…)

10 – 2.5/3.5 (pictoral atlas, historical…)

Total 24.5/35 “Demonstrates a good understanding of Dewey Decimal Classification and SCIS standards and synthesises the core concepts and principles.  Presentation is clear and effective.


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