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Assig 2A&b – Pathfinder & Critical Analysis January 3, 2013

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I really enjoyed making the Pathfinder for this assignment – shame it was only worth 20% of the total mark!  The critical analysis was worth 50% and I really didn’t have my head around it as you can tell from the second part of my feedback from the lecturer! 

 Feedback from Pathfinder:

Introduction, keywords, definitions and IL skills advice (30%) 22

Very good introduction which addresses the students well. Keywords and definitions are clear. There is clear guidance given to students – I accept that this is the equivalent of IL advice, although you could perhaps have included some elements of IL advice given to older students.

 Range of formats and relevance of resources for audience (10%) 8

Very relevant sources and good range of formats

Presentation (10%) 9

Very well presented

Annotations (50%) 38

You provide students with excellent advice on using the resources and link this very well to your previous advice. As you link this well to the Big 6 in your Critical Analysis, this can be accepted as equivalent to IL advice. You could possibly include some elements relating to using the keywords.

Total / 100 : 77

 Overall Comment :


A very resource for your year 2 students and it will be interesting to see how well they can use this resource, given their varied abilities. I think that you could try including some aspects of IL advice which some of your more able students could use.

 Feedback from Critical Analysis:

Given your first assignment, this is extremely disappointing. I’m not sure if this was rushed – it certainly lacks depth throughout, and 51% is a generous mark. You need to follow the specification – and this feedback sheet- much more closely and include many more references to reach your previous performance. I am sure you can do much better.


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