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Assig 2a – Subject access:subject headings January 3, 2013

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This assignment involved using SCIS to assign subject headings to five topics.  Sounded so simple!  The preparation work on this one was huge.  I had used SCIS before but really just hacking my way around – no skill involved.  Of course, there was that added bit of justifying what you chose which made it a little tricky.  By the end of the assignment task I was feeling fairly confident I had at least some of the correct subject headings.  I think I left some in that I knew were really not ok, but was a bit in fear of leaving them out.  The results came through with good individual feedback on each exercise. 

Exercise 1 – 5.5/7, Exercise 2 – 4/7, Exercise 3 – 5/7, Exercise 4 – 4/7, Exercise 5 – 5.5/7

Feedback – 23/35 You have demonstrated a clear understanding of the principles and concepts underpinning subject classification. 

One of the things I think was offputting a little around this task was the explosion of comments in the forums during the two weeks.  Comments were flying everywhere and just when I thought I had something clear in my head, another comment would come through making me doubt myself on it.  I need to train myself in more selective reading of forums!


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