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Assig 1 – Feedback January 3, 2013

Filed under: ETL 505 Bibliographic Standards in Education — emilysmum @ 7:16 am

This assignment was one I was really not looking forward to getting back.  I really struggled with the concepts behind the content and the fact I was coming from a zero knowledge point.  I read my final assignment to several members of my family and they looked blankly at me after the first paragraph – you could see them heading off to a “happy place” in their head and going through the motions of looking interested for my sake! I think the main issue, among quite a few, was the saturation of acronyms throughout the paper.

I was so pleasantly surprised (&  a little stunned), to get this feedback:

20/30 You have demonstrated a clear understanding of the principles and concepts underpinning RDA and the need for change. More detail on the clustering of records for versions of resources and the impact of this clustering on students and teachers could have been included.


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