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Study Visit, Qld State Archives, Brisbane – July 2012 October 7, 2012

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Wednesday PM: Queensland State Archives
I learned a lot from the visit to the Qld State Archives – I knew something like this existed somewhere, but any stereotype of an archive I had in my head was totally blown with our tour and the presentation. The state of the art nature of how records are maintained and stored was superb. I wasn’t expecting the building and processes to be quite so professional. The tour and interaction with a variety of staff gave me a good understanding of the processes in place for quarantining incoming materials with staff very willing to answer questions while all the while treating our tour group with professionalism worthy of colleagues and not university students.
I have also picked up some great tips and contacts/processes for planning my own schools 125th anniversary in a few years time!

Evaluation Rating 5/5
Strengths – professionalism of staff, digital presentations very clear and facilities welcoming with staff happy to have 23 people traipsing through their work spaces. For an “out of towner” it was also really really great to find an easy to access facility with a free car park and a cup of tea!
Weaknesses – it was quite difficult at times to hear the presenter during the tour


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