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Study Visit, Qld University of Technology, Brisbane – July 2012 October 7, 2012

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Thursday PM: Queensland University of Technology
The opening tour gave me a nice clear picture of what was on offer at the QUT Library, how things were set up and an idea of how staff would orientate new students to their campus. It was quite quirky the way the collection was organised in inverted storage order – with Level 5 of the library housing 0-299, Level 4 300-700, and Level 3 800-900. It made sense when the priority of having fiction stored on the bottom levels was explained. The scale of the job for staff in moving and reorganising the collection was scary! The librarians provided some really relevant information including the alignment of all loans to 6 week terms (with some “on hold” conditions) and a focus on automating borrowing giving staff additional time to provide more customised learning support to students.

Evaluation Rating 5/5
Strengths – the organisation of the visit was very professional. Adequate staff were allocated to support our visit and a variety of specialisations made available. The “snappy presentations” were great – very effective way to share lots of information and make us aware of different specialisation areas.
Weaknesses – the map we were given was quite a challenge to follow. Perhaps if the visit is going to be from a city venue out to QUT again – some bus route options might help?


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