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Study Visit, Qld Parliamentary Library, Brisbane – July 2012 October 7, 2012

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Wednesday AM: QLD Parliamentary Library
The resounding element of the Qld Parliamentary Library was the copyright conditions they operate under – how amazing to be able to legally copy absolutely anything (given, of course, that it serves the purpose of assisting a member of Parliament). This allows them to maintain an amazing electronic database of articles from serials for easy access and “on demand” access. I also appreciated the fact that staff of the Library is long term, hold double degrees and really appear to appreciate the value of working in a team valuing each other’s strengths.
The quick visit to the section of the old Parliament House containing the “Reading Room” was enthralling. It is easy to stand there and imagine a time when these rooms were a place of escape and solitude for sitting members. Perhaps a reminder that we need to consider the needs of all users as our libraries become more vibrant, active, and at times very loud hubs of interaction.

Evaluation Rating 4/5
Strengths – presenters were very articulate and complimentary to each others styles. The statistics on research briefs were interesting along with their emphasis on the value of statistics to maintaining and supporting the ongoing battle all libraries seem to be having in justifying their ongoing existence.
Weaknesses – the run through of the Parliamentary website was interesting, but as we are unable to access information from this, perhaps too much time was spent on it?


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