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Study Visit, Qld Museum, Brisbane – July 2012 October 7, 2012

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Thursday AM: Queensland Museum Library
The presentation from Kathy Buckley (Senior Librarian), provided a great deal of background information and statistics on the operation of the Qld Museum Library. I found an interesting comparison with the Museum Library opening in 1876, while my own school library was founded in 1896 – we certainly don’t have comparable practices in place to care for our resources and perhaps, whilst not being able to reach the standards Qld Museum Library, should certainly be aspiring for a little more rigor in our preservation/care than we currently do. I also found a degree of satisfaction in hearing how their classification system is based on geography – all books from the one place stored together. Obviously the quirks of librarians go far beyond the school libraries I have experience of.

Evaluation Rating 4/5
Strengths – the knowledge held by the staff who supported our visit was fantastic – certainly experts in their field.
Weaknesses – number of students on the tour was probably a little higher than they were used to – was a tight fit in the meeting room area. The visit ended an hour short of the allocated time – perhaps we could have visited parts of the Museum collection as well with this extra time?


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