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Study Visit, Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane – July 2012 October 7, 2012

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Friday AM: Brisbane Square Library & Customer Centre
Overwhelming statistics and the Booksorter! In the past week these are the two things I have talked most about with peers who have asked me about the study visits. 10 million visitors a year, 95% satisfaction rate – we could all aspire to a customer satisfaction rate like this! I could appreciate the move towards self management of borrowing, again freeing up staff to provide more specialised support to visitors. “Customer focused service is our competitive advantage – we need to maximise it” – this belief shared by Wendy Horwood really summed up well the direction of the library and its role in the community. Sharan Harvey (manager) reinforced this sharing the FACE (friendly, accurate, confident/ competent, efficient) philosophy that she has embedded with staff – I am keen to implement this within my library it has so much potential.
All library staff presented very knowledgably and appeared confident in articulating their shared direction – fantastic!

Evaluation Rating 5/5
Strengths – Having the program shown at the beginning of the presentation gave a clear understanding of how the visit would go. I appreciated the flexibility of staff to manage unforseen circumstances and to modify things as needed.
Weaknesses – not enough time! Will definitely be going back to visit this library when next in Brisbane.

Summary Reflection (What you learned overall)
I had a great week and felt really immersed in a variety of areas that comprise my future profession. It certainly opened my eyes to a lot more options and resources that are out there in the community.


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