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AACR2 to RDA – Conclusion from Assignment 1 October 7, 2012

Filed under: ETL 505 Bibliographic Standards in Education — emilysmum @ 12:26 pm

There are significant advantages in the move from AACR2 to RDA. Central amongst these is its capacity to produce a catalogue that is consistent in collecting bibliographic data focussed more on content as it is in RDA, and less focused on format as it was in AACR2. This provides advantages to the user, not just the cataloguer, in supporting the input and retrieval of information and ultimately, the service and provision of information to clients.
One of the biggest advantages of the move to RDA is the provision of a common language and an entitity-relationship approach to library data that has the potential to encourage library and non-library meta-data groups to work together in developing a common information future (Knight, 2011). RDA gives us the capacity to think of data in new ways and to cater for ever changing formats of resources in our information rich and rapidly developing information environment.


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