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Assig 2 – Vision Statement & 3 year plan May 13, 2012

Filed under: ETL 504 Teacher Librarian as a Leader — emilysmum @ 8:37 am

The task seemed so simple – a 40 word vision statement on where my library would be in 3 years time. I have agonized, reworded, scrapped, deleted, debated and shuffled those 40 words around to the point of despair! Writing the 2500 words to support the statement was the easy part. I know where we need to go, I know who we need to get us there, and I know (based on today’s knowledge) what things should look like. How to encapsulate it is the dilemma.

As I hit submit, I know there is more I could do, but like all plans, at some point the line needs to be drawn and the statement made “that’s where it’s right now”. This happened at 5.15pm today…..


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