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Leadership that gets results – Goleman, Assig. 1 Part A March 25, 2012

Filed under: ETL 504 Teacher Librarian as a Leader — emilysmum @ 9:54 am

I’ve always been interested in leadership styles and over the years have held a variety of managment/leaderhip positions in different organisations.  Along with this, I’ve come across quite a variety of managers with a range of styles (using the word loosely), and amongst it all found some leaders that I continue to reflect back on my time with and find inspiration from.

Goleman gives descriptions of six leadership styles – positives, negatives and the impact they have on working environments.

I haven’t started this part of the first assignment yet, but the task requires me to explain how a T/L would work with two different leadership styles.  I’m really looking forward to reflecting on some of the leaders I have worked with and imagining them in my current school and how I would manage my interactions with them as I advocate for the Library Collection, the role of the T/L in the school, and ultimately the extension of opportunities for our students.




Goleman, D., Boyatzis, R. E., & McKee, A. (2002). Primal leadership: realizing the power of emotional intelligence. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press.



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