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Roadblocks to Collaboration May 22, 2011

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Buzzeo provides a very clear overview of the roadblocks to collaboration.

#1- ADMINISTRATORS-the solution around this one is information and communication – as Buzzeo states ïgnore the flashing red lights, duck under the yellow tape, and get ready to run the course.” I’m happy I can achieve this one – I am lucky to have a great working relationship with my Principal and am integral to our Admin Team as part time HOC and part time T/L

#2-TIME AND PLANNING-making the extra effort – putting in more time where it’s needed as a starting point.  I guess for me this one is about setting the example – if I’m happy to give up my time to work collaboratively – then surely others are to work with me?

#3-SCHOOL CULTURE-this silent roadblock can be overcome according to Buzzeo through building trust and developing collaborative relations over time – ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

Buzzeo, T. (2003). Collaborating To Meet Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships K-12. Knowledge Quest, 32(1), 29-30.


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