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Term 2 Week 5 May 21, 2011

Filed under: Learning New Things — emilysmum @ 2:31 am

This week has brought:

  • finalising the school spellathon (raising money for PM Benchmark books)
  • coordinating Scholastic Bookfair (raising money for general reading resources)
  • Running last nights SuperHero and Villains Disco (raising money for the last of our PM Writing books)
  • Pricing up and ordering 20 new digital still cameras, 5 videos (from the last disco fundraising)
  • Accessioning my lovely $1600 worth of Folkmans puppets to align to some of our lower school books (thank you P&C)
  • Attending Eisteddfod to watch our former students perform (including my baby now in Year 10), and of course
  • Teaching my two days in the library.

This is Teacher Librarian 0.5!

And then of course somewhere in amongst this is this assignment…. Lucky we do it for the love of it!

Found this great image that I found pretty amusing – I didn’t have time for the lippy this week though!

( )


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