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Herring (2007) April 2, 2011

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I’ve read through the Herring chapter a few times now and am starting to get some thoughts together around it.

Herring highlights the multi-faceted role of the teacher librarian as:

  • teacher
  • librarian
  • information services manager
  • information literacy leader
  • curriculum leader
  • information specialist
  • instructional partner
  • website developer
  • budget manager
  • staff manager
  • fiction and non-fiction advocate

What I found really reassuring is that Herring acknowledges that no teacher librarian can do all these roles.  My first glance at the diagram outlining them caused some minor panic!  I agree that all of these roles are valid and each site/principal/teacher librarian would need to determine the priorities for their school taking into account students, staff, community, skill base of the teacher librarian and overall goals of the school for students.  For me the lasting messages from the chapter was about adaptation, staying current with where learning is going from a digital perspective and embracing collaboration as a way of life in schools, and particularly in the life of teacher librarians.

Herring, J. (2007). Teacher Librarians and the school library. In Ferguson, S. (Ed.). Libraries in the twenty-first century: Charting new directions in information services, pp.27-42


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