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Developing the respect and support of school administrators March 13, 2011

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“The Principal’s support of the library as a vital part of the educational system is extremely important” – from a 1944 edition of The School Review” (Winifred B Linderman).

Oberg makes some interesting points in her article including:

  • teacher librarians can tend to be invisible because of their low profile in education literature
  • many teacher librarians can be highly visible leaders in schools and principals are supportive of their work
  • four key roles of the principal who supports school library program – (1)supervisor working directly with teachers, (2)model demonstrating personal commitment, (3)manager enabling a program, and (4)mentor providing visibility and importance.
  • teacher librarians gain support and respect of principals – (1)by building their professional credibility, (2)by communicating effectively with principals and (3)by working to advance school goals.

One of the final points Oberg makes is that teacher librarians should be engaged with professional networks and find strength from this.

While reading this article I found myself nodding at the common sense statements being made by Oberg.  I am lucky to have a strong working relationship with the principal at my school, and in my role as Head of Curriculum have been an integral part of the school leadership team.  This year taking on the 0.5 T/L role allows me an opportunity to closely link both roles and take a leadership role in the direction that our library support provision takes in strengthening literacy delivery and development at the school.





Oberg, D. (2006). Developing the respect and support of school administrators. Teacher Librarian, 33(3), 13-18.


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