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Collaboration: Critical Success Factors for Student Learning March 13, 2011

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Haycock provides some clear definitions of “collaboration” in the initial part of his article which centre around it being defined by trust, shared vision and communication. He also gives a list of Predictors for Success grouped into 6 areas:

Environmental 1. history of collaboration/cooperation in the community
2. collaborative group seen as legitimate leader in community
3. favourable political/social climate
Membership Characteristics 4. mutual respect, understanding and trust for members and their respective organisations
5. appropriate cross-section of members
6. members see collaboration in their self interest
7. ability to compromise
Process and Structure 8. members share a stake in process and outcome
9. multiples layers of participation
10. flexibility in both structure and methods
11. development of clear roles/policy guidelines
12. adaptability/ability of collaborative group to sustain itself amid changes
13. appropriate pace of development
Communication 14. open/frequent communication
15. established informal and formal communication links
Purpose 16. clear attainable goals/objectives that are communicated to all partners and can be realistically attained
17. shared vision
18. unique purpose
Resources 19. sufficient funds, staff, materials and time
20. skilled leadership

Haycock, K. (2007). Collaboration: Critical success factors for student learning. School Libraries Worldwide, 13(1), 25-35.


 The bottom line for me is that collaboration in a school context, and in an effective library/teacher librarian context is essential for progressing student and school literacy goals.  It takes all parties working together to maximise the outcomes for our students.  After reading this I found myself googling the concept of taking a village to raise a child and came across this website and the very apt picture below.  Along with parents, peers, teachers and community, the teacher librarian is a vital link in creating the whole child to their full potential.




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