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Learning as i go…. March 10, 2011

Filed under: Learning New Things — emilysmum @ 4:48 am

Have spent the past few hours reading blogs, forum posts for ETL401, following links including a fantastic one  – which has given me a lot to think about in how I operate in my current role, how I plan to educate the kids I start teaching after April, and how I treat the ownership of digital content in general….

Found this great pic on  Library Avengers site – and have figured out how to add an image to my post, fingers crossed it actually appears and I have acknowledged where it came from!

To make it even better I’ve sorted out this hyperlinking thing which is going to give me a lovely list of direct links to go back to as I progress my blog….


3 Responses to “Learning as i go….”

  1. What a cool pic…and yes, you’ve figured out how to put in a pic. Unfortunately you have not acknowledged the source. If I was online with you I could show you how to do the link-back to the image. But if you can’t work that out, simply put the name of the image at the end of the post e.g.
    Image: what it’s called. Hyperlink the ‘what its called’ to the sources. 😉

  2. Oh no!! I’m a dill….I realised that you put the link in the body of your text. But what I think is interesting is that the site that has the image doesn’t attribute it correctly. So here’s another cool tool for you.. Paste the image url off the site you linked from into this search engine and see what you get 😉

    • emilysmum Says:

      That’s my next step! After I did the picture and then went back to look at your blog I thought hang on – Judy’s has the link on the picture – that’s neat – I’ll be having a go tonight.

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