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First go at databases…. March 7, 2011

Filed under: ETL 401 Teacher Librarianship — emilysmum @ 12:00 pm

Have just spent the past few hours using Ebsco and Informit A+ and am impressed!

It’s only been 5 years since my last Uni course and it certainly didn’t give me access to this much information – well, maybe it did and I just didn’t know about it.

Like the simplicity of Informit – it seemed simpler to get an article up to read? But then I hit Ebsco and after reading the folder comments on other forum and blog posts decided to give it a go. Account set up, folder created and I was tagging away all sorts of relevant along with not particularly relevant, but interesting articles.

That said, when I went to log off I had major issues with leaving all my lovely articles just sitting in a cyber-space folder! I confess to spending the last hour saving my favourites to my hard drive just in case they’re not there tomorrow (and I have a secret plan to cut down a few trees in printing quite a few of them out in the morning just to be sure I don’t lose them….)


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