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An introduction from me…. March 6, 2011

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I have been working in a primary school setting in Queensland since 2000.  Prior to this I worked for 10 years in a number of public servant positions in HR and finance across several departments.  During this time I completed a Bachelor of Arts.

Having my daughter in 1996 meant some pretty significant life changes work wise and I ended up back Uni in 1998/99 doing my Bachelor of Education (Primary).  I worked for a few years in a classroom setting with Year 5-7 students before attaining a Head of Curriculum position.  I completed a Graduate Certificate in Computer Education in 2006 which fitted in very nicely with the work I was doing in the ICT field at my school and supporting schools in our district.  For the past 3-4 years I have been more Acting Deputy than HOC which has provided a bit of perspective on my career focus from here.  After some gentle prodding from family and friends about me finding a direction that made me happy in the afternoons I have stepped back into Curriculum and am loving it!

This year I am back to my 0.5 Head of Curriculum role and have been lucky enough to be placed in a 0.5 Teacher Librarian role at my school.  So far this has been an interesting learning curve in itself.

Things became very clear over the first few weeks of school that this T/L area is an amazing match with Curriculum Management – I have wanted to do my Masters for a number of years but didn’t really know what my area would be – and here was the opportunity being handed to me.  So I find myself enrolled and blogging…..


One Response to “An introduction from me….”

  1. janet hauser Says:

    HI Janelle, Well done on your blog! It looks great and it was interesting to read about your journey thus far. Sounds like you have chosen the right field. I am really starting to wonder about this choice for me however! I am definitely a teacher first and always have been! I can’t imagine getting lost in the administration of the collection! and finding that fun!? we shall see…

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